Government Bans Shisha Smoking In Kenya

  • The Ministry of Health has on Thursday made shisha smoking, importation and advertising  illegal in Kenya.

    Speaking to Capital FM, the Director of Medical Services Jackson Kioko confirmed that the ban takes effect immediately.

    In a notice by the Ministry circulating on social media, the act stipulates rules that support the ban.

    “No person shall import, manufacture, sell, offer for sale, use, advertise, promote or distribute shisha in Kenya.”

    “No person shall allow, promote, facilitate or encourage or do anything to allow, promote, facilitate or encourage shisha smoking in Kenya,” the legal notice reads.

    The move is in response to concerns raised with regard to health risks posed by its use.

    Health Cabinet Secretary however, told the star that the document isn't the final one as they are discussing with the Attorney General, Githu Muigai on developing a legislation on that.

    The highly toxic tobacco substance is smoked using a hookah (water pipe) and had gained popularity at entertainment establishments in Kenya over the last year.

    [caption caption="Health Cabinet Secretry Cleopa Mailu"][/caption]

    This comes days after Rwanda became the second country in Africa to ban shisha smoking.

    Tanzanian President John Magufuli imposed the ban last July.

    Other countries which have banned shisha are Pakistan, Jordan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.