NASA to Go on Retreat to Conclude Raila's Swearing-in Plan

The National Super Alliance (NASA) is said to be planning a retreat to conclude the final plans on the swearing-in of its leaders, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

The Alliance will communicate the date and venue of the planned retreat next week, an announcement which will be made by the principals.

If all goes as scheduled, the retreat will be attended by all elected leaders including governors, senators, MPs, woman reps and party officials.

Among the issues to be discussed during the forum is the emerging rift between the different parties in the coalition, especially after the recent appointments to parliamentary committees as well as push the swearing-in agenda.

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In a report by The Star, Suba South MP, who is also National Assembly leader Minority leader John Mbadi, confirmed the planned retreat adding that it will also be used to plan the NASA calendar.

“The retreat is meant to push the NASA agenda, ensure the NASA teams understand each other, the activities ahead and the end game of everything being put in place by the opposition,” Mbadi was quoted.

The Alliance is said to be planning several such forums to continue pushing for the economic boycott and also give details on the end game of the whole process.

Included in NASA’s calendar is a plan to have street protests, involve global leaders and also continue holding the People’s Assembly throughout the country.

“As stated earlier by NASA, no one will ever think of stealing an election in this country. The calendar shows when we are swearing Raila and the way forward. It also has the end game of the whole processes,” stated Mbadi.

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This comes a day after Kalonzo announced that is ready to be sworn in alongside the Opposition leader if President Uhuru Kenyatta does not call for dialogue.

Among the issues the Wiper leader wants to be the subject of discussion is electoral reforms that the Alliance has been insisting on.

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