KBS Exposes How Passengers Are Injected With Chemicals in Buses

  • The Kenya Bus Service (KBS) on Wednesday exposed a dirty trick used by robbers to drug passengers in PSVs.

    The company retweeted a post warning Kenyans about crimes in buses.

    "NEW CRIME ALERT IN BUSES (PSVs) share with your friend. Look before you seat please," stated KBS.

    [caption caption="A Snippet of the Post That Was Shared"][/caption]

    It is alleged that some matatu seats are fitted with a poisonous syringe which is strategically positioned to prick a passenger once they sit.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, KBS Sales and Services Manager Phyllis Barasa confirmed that they received the photo from a customer but gave assurance that their buses were not at risk.

    "We have taken adequate measures to ensure such cases do not occur in our buses. Our staff always check to ensure customers are safe," she stated.

    According to the Facebook post, once the chemical gets into the system, the victim becomes unconscious and blacks out.

    A group of people will then pretend to assist the drugged individual but instead steal their belongings.

    Several cases of drugged passengers have been recorded in recent weeks and passengers have been urged to be on the lookout and remain alert while commuting.

    This comes just a day after Thika Superhighway users complained of being robbed by thugs posing as matatu crew.

    Juja Police Commander Patricia Asio on Wednesday also asked passengers to be careful.

    "If you suspect something might be amiss, just wait for the next matatu. If you are robbed try to establish the matatu's Sacco and number plate," she stated.

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