Ahmednasir Abdullahi Vows to Support Opposition Leader

  • Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Thursday declared his willingness to offer his support to self-proclaimed Opposition leader Ekuru Aukot.

     Mr Abdullahi, who represented Mr. Kenyatta during the presidential petition, mentioned that he is looking forward to Mr Aukot unveiling his shadow cabinet.

    He also stated that he is ready to rally Jubilee leaders to also support the Thirdway Alliance Party leader’s course through his social media platform.

    “If Daktari Aukot constitutes a credible and effective shadow cabinet I will lobby my friends in Jubilee to support this noble initiative," his tweet posed.

    In respose, Dr Aukot noted that,"“We shall deliver on our part as an effective opposition that not only criticizes the government but also offers alternative solutions for the betterment of our country.”

    On Thursday, the former Presidential candidate asked Kenyans to send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) for consideration in the shadow cabinet positions.

    "Thirdway Alliance Kenya is currently going through CVs of Kenyans seeking to be considered in its shadow cabinet.All interested Kenyans are advised to send their CVs to leader@thirdwaykenya.org before or on January 30, 2017," Dr Aukot highlighted.

    The party explained that the appointment to the cabinet would comply with article 130 of the Kenyan Constitution which states that the executive shall consist of the President, the Deputy President and the rest of the cabinet.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta and some of the Cabinet Secretaries in his past team"][/caption]

    In a previous interview with Kenyans.co.ke disclosed that his team would be made up of experts who would be tasked with keeping President Kenyatta's government in check.

    Mr. Aukot branded himself the official Opposition leader stating that NASA leader Raila Odinga lost the post when he withdrew from the presidential race during the October 26 elections.