Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi Mocks NASA Supporters

  • Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, popularly known as the Grand Mullah, has sparked reactions after mocking National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters ahead of the repeat presidential election scheduled for October 26.

    In a Twitter post on Saturday, Mr Abdullahi stated that NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga would manage 40 percent votes in the repeat presidential election if his supporters spent at least 30 percent of their time campaigning for him.

    He went ahead to tag Suna East MP and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Director of Elections Junet Mohammed in the tweet.

    The Tweet read: “Confident that if Baba's supporters spent just 30% of time wasted on Twitter campaigning for him, Baba will score 40% on 26/10.”

    Confident that if Baba's supporters spent just 30% of time wasted onTwitter campaigning for him, Baba will score 40% on 26/10 @JunetMohamed

    — Ahmednasir Abdullahi (@ahmednasirlaw) September 23, 2017

    Mr Mohammed replied to Abdullahi's tweet stating that the Jubilee Party would manage 32.5% in the repeat poll if they stopped insulting Mr Odinga.

    “Confident also if your clients stop abusing baba they will move to 32.5% ,” the tweet read.

    Confident also if your clients stop abusing baba they will move to 32.5%

    — Hon. Junet Mohamed (@JunetMohamed) September 23, 2017

    The lawyer hit back stating that Mohammed was the best ‘attacking midfielder” in NASA adding that the Jubilee Party wanted him on their side in 2022.

    Hon you are the best attacking midfielder NASA has and jubilee team wants to buy you on free transfer for 2022...I have instructions...

    — Ahmednasir Abdullahi (@ahmednasirlaw) September 23, 2017

    Mr Abdulahi's tweet was, however, met with criticism by Kenyans on Twitter with some stating that had he spent less time on Twitter, Jubilee would have won the presidential petition.

    The Senior Counsel was part of the legal team that was representing President Uhuru Kenyatta in the petition filed by NASA at the Supreme Court:

    Here are some of the comments:

    If you spent less time on twitter then your client could have won the case

    — Cherotich Mibei (@CherotichMibei) September 23, 2017

    If you want to know that Baba has the numbers, allow him to demonstrate. Millions will turn up. Jubilee tried and just 5,000 people came.

    — Joram Agwata Ototo (@joramag) September 23, 2017

    Fact: Uhuruto can't & won't win against Railonzo in any FREE and CREDIBLE election.Shortcuts to leadership is their way @CoalitionNASAKe NKT

    — KING JOSIAH (@KINGJOSIAH001) September 23, 2017

    Confident that if @ahmednasirlaw spent just 30% of the time wasted on Twitter during the IEBC hearing, Kamwana would be president

    — Amalinze DeCat (@luo_man) September 23, 2017

    Baba Tibiim stop wasting tym

    — Farahmentor (@Farahmentor1) September 23, 2017

    Be humble and request for some lessons from SC Orengo and Otiende, to teach you some common law on how to win a case . Humility is the key.

    — Dennis Neto (@neto_dennis) September 23, 2017

    Our support is intact for baba. The winning votes he had last time are still with us. Follow the money . Leave baba alone

    — Patrick Oduor (@Patrick87962201) September 23, 2017

    Why can't you handle Itumbi's case pro bono?you are always on tweeter and real men are arguing cases in court.

    — Stefan (@Stefan09342859) September 23, 2017