Polycarp Igathe Asks for Advice from Nairobi Residents

  • Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe on Friday asked Nairobi residents to advice him on what to do after cows were impounded by County askaris.

    Through his social media, Mr Igathe stated that one herder had been arrested as Nairobi City bylaws were being enforced.

    "Enforcing the Nairobi City bylaws. Animals impounded today at Woodley Estate heading to Ngong Road.

    "One herder arrested and awaiting arraignment in court. If found guilty, what do you recommend we do with the impounded cows?" he posed.

    [caption caption="The impounded cows"][/caption]

    Kenyans online, empathized with the herder, stating that the cattle should be returned.

    One user suggested: "Please take any other action against him but make sure you return his livestock. That could be the future of his children who, maybe, depend on those animals for food and education."

    "Those cows are a source of livelihood for a family. Fine the owner(s) a hefty sum and return the livestock seems just to me. But the fine must be big enough to be a deterrent yet payable," another wrote.

    Here are some of the responses: 

    [caption caption="Responses to Polycarp Igathe's tweet"][/caption]

    During an interview on NTV, the Deputy Governor stated that transformation in the county would be driven by people with imagination, not memory and would include consultation with the residents.

    "Our biggest bill in Nairobi is salaries. We are paying Sh1.5 Billion shillings a month. We are overstaffed. We have 1.6 million properties in Nairobi. Do you know how many are paying property taxes? Only 100,000," he conveyed on Friday.

    He addressed the issue of hawkers in the Central Business District stating that they would have to remain in Nairobi.

    "We have to accommodate them. The relocation of hawkers can't happen overnight. In 12 months we shall have these markets and we shall relocate these hawkers," he stated.

    He further disclosed that the County government would take action against the current garbage collectors who were not performing.

    "Yes, we are going to deface the current garbage collectors. They have taken Nairobians for a ride for too long.

    "I want to assure people out there that the Governor is focused because his first promise was a clean and bright Nairobi," he maintained.