Why Uhuru wants Raila to be Sworn in- Mutahi Ngunyi

  • Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday explained why President Uhuru Kenyatta supports National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga's swearing-in slated for 30th January.

    In his weekly show the Fifth Estate, the Prof and his team from the Fort Hall School of Government stated that Mr Kenyatta would use it as a revenge mission against the former Prime Minister.

    "In his heart Uhuru wants Raila to be sworn in, that is why he hasn't stopped, maybe, he wants Raila to instigate national unrest by swearing himself in.

    "Raila will play directly into Uhuru's hands and Uhuru will fix him at the International Criminal Court, the Hague. If he fixed Uhuru and Ruto at ICC, this will be the revenge, maybe Uhuru is not interested in treason charges," the team submitted.

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    The analysts revealed that a trusted State House aide was dispatched to Hague as an ambassador and further opined that he was sent there to receive the NASA leader.

    While supporting Odinga's inauguration bid, the team stated that he should establish people's army, establish KRA to collect tax, employ ambassadors and buy them embassies all over the world including Canaan.

    "Raila should go ahead and do it if he is prepared to die, it is the only way to get closure, in his heart it is the first step towards secession, " they stated.

    The young analysts, however, underscored that if the former Premier takes the bold step he would be charged with treason.

    "It is suicidal; he is a victim of fellows who want to inherit him and passionate zealots with no political credentials... he will be arrested and charged, he will sleep at Kamiti that night. and that is why the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) were changed," the team noted.

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    However, the group predicted that Raila would avoid the treason charge by taking a different oath not prescribed in the Constitution and he would be subjected to a capital charge.

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