Stand off At KNH After Workers Clash With Activists [VIDEO]

  • There was a standoff at the Kenyatta National Hospital after the hospital’s staff clashed with activists who had organised a march to the facility on Tuesday.

    Services at the hospital were paralyzed as workers demanded an apology for being called rapists after dozens of women revealed their ordeal at the facility.

    Police were forced to intervene as the KNH staff and health activists clashed and traded accusations over the authenticity of rape claims.

    The mortuary staff, who were among the main suspects of the rape allegations, also downed their tools as they decried the unproven claims.

    [caption caption="Activists marching to KNH"][/caption]

    Activists demanded that the Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Lily Koross and Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopha Mailu resign as investigations continued.

    Ms Koross was condemned by the activists for being quick to deny the allegations before investigating them.

    "Violence against women at KNH is despicable. For Koros to tell women to drop the allegations in a suggestion box is an insult," noted Rita Mutheu, one of the organisers of the protest.

    Mildred Owiso, who made the allegations public, stated that seven women had narrated their ordeals so far.

    "You cannot expect women to just go to police stations to make a report about rape. It is not a walk in the park," she stated.

    However, in an interview on Citizen TV on Sunday, the CEO defended herself remarking that she did not deny the claims but issued a statement based on the report they had received at the time.

    Here is the video:

    Healthworkers vs civil society groups TheDailyBrief @Ian_Wafula

    — K24 TV (@K24Tv) January 23, 2018