Alfred Keter Exposes Speaker Muturi

  • By Mumbi Mutuko on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 - 2:50pm
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    Nandi Hill Member of Parliament Alfred Keter Facebook
  • Nandi Hill Member of Parliament Alfred Keter on Tuesday exposed House Speaker Justin Muturi alleging that he had colluded with State House to dewhip him.

    Speaking at Parliament Buildings, Mr Keter stated that the House Speaker had been compromised and was no longer objective while dealing with issues.

    Keter, who had moments earlier been ousted by the Jubilee Party legislators, accused Muturi of attending meetings at State House where they plotted to dewhip him which is contrary to the laws of Parliament.

    “The Speaker broke all the rules when he attended the meeting at State House with Honorable Aden Duale and the entire Jubilee Party MPs,” Keter stated.


    “We expect the Speaker to be neutral because he is the referee in the House,” Keter added.

    Keter further revealed that they were not aware that they would be de-whipped but Speaker Muturi informed them of the plans by Jubilee.

    “The Speaker informed us of the plan to dewhip us after the head of the cartel, Washiali, purported to have us dewhipped,” Keter told journalists.

    Mr Keter further revealed that parliamentarians had colluded to have them out of the liaison committee.

    However, Keter noted that they would still be the chair of the various committees they were heading despite having been voted out.


    “It is wrong. It is immoral and we are not going to allow that. We will not relent. We are still the chairmen of these committees,” Keter affirmed.

    Keter further lamented that State House wanted their puppets to be in control of the various committees in order for them to loot.   ©   2018   All Rights Reserved