NASA Threatens to Boycott Nation Media Products

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) has reportedly threatened to boycott Nation Media Group (NMG) products.

    In a statement from Opposition Leader Raila Odinga's Communication Director Dennis Onyango, the coalition stated that NMG was not reporting the coalition's matters objectively.

    Mr Onyango accused NMG of misinforming the public about the Opposition adding that the Newspaper department is either being used by NASA’s opponents or has deliberately assigned itself the task of fighting the Alliance.

    In the statement, NASA listed seven headlines from the Daily Nation that they claimed portrayed NASA in a negative way.

    [caption caption="File image of Opposition Leader Raila Odinga"][/caption]

    The headlines cited include;

    1. NASA in Crisis Talks on Raila Oath Plan (January 15, 2018).

    2. Puzzle of Raila Role Derails Unity Talks (January 16, 2018).

    3. NASA Scrambles to end Split over Raila’s Oath Bid (January 19, 2018).

    4. Tough Questions over NASA plan to Swear in Raila (January 20, 2018). 

    5. Venue Hitch Hits Raila Oath Plans (January 22, 2018).

    6. What Happens Next? (January 23, 2018).

    7. NASA changes the venue of Raila “oath” ceremony (January 23, 2018). 

    In all the above stories, the coalition noted that the Daily Nation made claims portraying NASA in a negative light but did not provide evidence to back the allegations.

    According to the Opposition, the stories are aimed to create doubt and confusion among their supporters adding that if the same continues, the coalition will have no other option but to boycott.

    "By this letter, we are putting the Nation Media Group on notice that if this trend does not stop immediately, NASA will have no option but to call on its supporters to take the company as an impediment to the realization of electoral justice, police reforms, independence of the Judiciary and strengthening of Devolution, among other issues NASA holds dear.

    "NASA will then have no option but to call on supporters to boycott the company and all its products," the statement read in part.

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    Last year, NASA asked its supporters to boycott NMG's products over accusations of biased reporting.

    Here is the statement: