Kenyan Film 'Watu-Wote' Nominated for Oscars

  • Kenyan based film 'Watu Wote' - (all of us) - has been nominated for an Oscar award for best live action short film category.

    The film is based on actual events where a Muslim man led fellow passengers in shielding their Christian counterparts from being shot at by the al Shabaab militants.

    The armed militants had attacked a Mandera-bound bus near Elwak at around 7 am on December 21, 2015.

    Salah Farah, a teacher at a local school, confronted the militants together with fellow Muslim counterparts as the attackers attempted to separate Christian passengers in order to kill them.

    The group dared the militants to kill everyone on the bus or leave them alone.

    During the 2015 incident, Farah was shot and wounded as he argued with the terrorists.

    He, however, later succumbed to his injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital on January 17, 2016.

    During the altercations, a schoolboy and a man who attempted to escape were also shot before the attackers later allowed the bus to proceed to Mandera.

    'Watu Wote' was inspired by the attack.

    The movie was directed by Katja Benrath and produced by Tobias Rosen.

    The movie premiered at the Westgate Mall on Tuesday coinciding with its nomination.

    Kenyans have since congratulated the cast and the crew for the nomination and putting Kenya on the map.

    The film will compete with “DeKalb Elementary,” by Reed Van Dyk, “The Eleven O’Clock,” by Derin Seale, “My Nephew Emmett,” by Kevin Wilson, Jr. and “The Silent Child,” by Chris Overton for the top awards.

    The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4 in Los Angeles, US.

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