Student Narrates How a Cup Caused Jamhuri School Fight

  • A student at Jamhuri High School on Wednesday blamed a cup for being behind the fight that left over forty students injured.

    Speaking to The Standard, the student noted that trouble began when a school prefect confronted him for using a cup reserved for boarders yet he was a day scholar.

    According to the student who is in form two, day scholars and boarders use cups with different colour codes to separate the two groups of students.

    He narrated that when the form four prefect found him with the cup meant for boarders, he allegedly slapped him.

    [caption caption="Situation at Jamhuri High on Wednesday"][/caption]

    "The senator (prefect) slapped me for using a cup I had borrowed from my friend who is a boarder.

    "I had forgotten mine at home. I reported the matter and the prefect later turned against me,” he narrated.

    The form two pupil further alleged that the Senator and a group of other students attacked him on his way home leaving him seriously injured.

    He was taken to Al Amin hospital where he received treatment and later reported the matter to the police.

    Another student explained that the matter was reported to the administration who noted that the disagreement had been resolved but a section of students vowed to continue with the attacks.

    "When teachers intervened, another group threatened to fight again in the morning," the pupil revealed.

    On Wednesday a section of students made good their threat and launched retaliatory attacks, causing a lot of damage and injuries with some students linking it to lack of equity in the treatment of all students.

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    "A section of prefects target specific groups of students and mistreat them. When you report, the principal does not act," a form three student told The Standard.

    Following the confrontation, the school was closed indefinitely with the Police and the Board of Governors promising to investigate the matter.

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