7 Kenyans Who Died Before Facing Judgment on Controversial Cases

Many people always run to the courts to seek justice whenever they feel that their rights have been infringed upon.

In Kenya, many prominent people move to court to challenge various decisions and clear their names.

Research conducted by Kenyans.co.ke has, however, revealed that there are 7 prominent Kenyans who never lived to witness the judgment of their cases. The leaders include;  

1. David Mwiraria

He was the former Finance Minister during former President Mwai Kibaki’s regime.

[caption caption="File image of David Mwiraria"][/caption]

The former Minister was accused of being involved in the multi-billion-shilling Anglo-Leasing scandal, but he never appeared in court due to illness.

He died on April 13, 2017, after a long battle with cancer

2. Eliphaz Riungu

Eliphaz Riungu, the former Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Deputy Governor was among a group of leaders implicated in the Goldenberg scandal.

The case dragged on for over 20 years and was eventually quashed by High Court Judge Joseph Mutava.

 Mr Riungu died before he could give his side of the story.

3. Samuel Kivuitu

Mr Kivuitu was the former chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK).

He together with his colleagues moved to court in 2007 where they sued the government for disbanding the commission over allegations of bungling the 2007 General Election.

[caption caption="File image of Samuel Kivuitu"][/caption]

In the case, Kivuitu and his team were seeking compensation over what they considered wrongful dismissal. According to them, the government forced them out of office and they were therefore entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately, Kivuitu died even before the case started.

4. Wilfred Koinange

The former Finance Permanent Secretary died in August 2012, aged 73.

He was also implicated in the Goldenberg scandal where he was accused of signing documents that made Kenyans lose billions.

In his defense, the former PS noted that he had acted on orders from former President Daniel Moi.

He, however, died before the ruling was delivered on the matter.

[caption caption="The late Wilfred Koinange (center) and other accused persons in the Goldenberg scandal in court"][/caption]

5. Kihara Muttu

Kihara Muttu was Kivuitu’s deputy and died in November 2010, aged 74.

He had moved to court to challenge the disbandment of the then ECK but died before any decision was made on the matter.

[caption caption="The late Kihara Muttu"][/caption]

6. Habel John Nyamu

He served as a Commissioner at the Kivuitu-led commission.

The late Nyamu was part of the ECK team that was seeking compensation for wrongful dismissal.

Like the two other ECK officials, he also died while the matter was still in court.

7. James Kanyotu 

He was the head of the then Intelligence agency now known as the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

According to the Nation, he was among the founders of Goldenberg International.

He was among leaders implicated in the Goldenberg scandal that saw taxpayers lose billions of shillings.

He tried clearing his name but unfortunately died before the case was quashed.

[caption caption="The late James Kanyotu"][/caption]

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