Why Luhyas Should Dump Mudavadi and Wetangula - Eugene Wamalwa

  • Cabinet nominee for the Ministry of Devolution Eugene Wamalwa on Friday told the Luhya community to drop National Super Alliance (NASA) Co-Principals Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi to salvage their political future.

    Speaking during a fundraiser at Naomo Secondary in Bumula constituency, Wamalwa stated that the two opposition leaders were cowards after abandoning Raila Odinga's swearing-in.

    "Their missing on the Raila swearing event clearly showed that they are cowards and all they come to tell you here every day about courage is all but propaganda.

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    "William Shakespeare said cowards die many times before they meet their official death. If you continue banking on this two cowards your political future will die so many times before the official death," he conveyed.

    The outgoing Water CS, further disclosed that the NASA duo did not have a political stand which would be detrimental to the Luhya community.

    He added that Mudavadi and Wetangula were only siding with Raila for their political survival and had no courage to lead.

    Wamalwa commented on Odinga's call for a fresh election by August terming it a misguided effort by the opposition after the swearing in.

    "They are indeed confirming to the entire World that they are a bunch of confused people if you swore yourself as a President, why do you call for fresh elections," he posed.

    Earlier in the week, in an interview with BBC, Odinga stated that the Opposition plans to hold elections in August 2018.

    "We want another election, according to our timetable, by August this year we will have an election," he conveyed.

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