3 Major Changes Kenyans Should Expect in New Flying Squad Unit

  • The dreaded Flying Squad unit is set to experience major changes as it seeks to improve its efficiency and solve the challenges it has been experiencing.

    According to Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti, the Unit was not fully disbanded but is undergoing restructuring in order to meet the needs and the purposes.

    “We have not disbanded the Flying Squad, but we will reogranise the teams to suit our security needs,” Kinoti was quoted by a local daily.

    One of the major changes that the newly formed Flying Squad will feature is a centralized command structure. Previously, its officers working outside Nairobi were answerable to their respective divisional DCI chiefs.

    However, the new structure will see all the unit's officers based in Nairobi and they will be under the command of a single boss as they pursue hardened criminals and sophisticated crimes.

    Secondly, the number of officers working to address complex crimes including armed robberies and kidnappings in either the Flying Squad or the Special Crime Prevention Unit will be limited to 100 officers.

    Lastly, there is expected massive transfers of the 400 officers who serve under the Flying Squad, Special Crime Unit and the Criminal Intelligence Unit.

    Kinoti noted that the transfers were necessary to eliminate cases of complicity and increase the efficiency of the police unit.

    He remarked that coverups and officers “sitting on” cases and files made the restructuring necessary in the hope of swift working of the unit.

    “We have evidence some officers have been colluding with criminals. I have, therefore, decided to overhaul the two units,” Kinoti observed.

    Flying Squad has been in the spotlight in the past over alleged collusion between its members and criminals including hiring out of guns. In 2006, the Squad was dismantled with its members being replaced by retrained General Service Unit (GSU) officers.

    This is one of the major changes effected by Kinoti following his appointment having previously served as the National Police Service spokesman.