Ababu Namwamba Resigns as Labour Party Leader

  • Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Ababu Namwamba, on Saturday resigned as the Labour Party of Kenya leader. 

    Mr Namwamba divulged that he was stepping down due to his new role in government.

    "My appointment puts me in the position that I have to serve the nation. As a government appointment, I can not continue to hold the party position," Namwamba stated.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Labour Party 's National Secretary for Information and Publicity, Erick Matsanza explained that: "It is a constitutional requirement that a presidential appointee as Chief Administrative Secretary, Foreign Affairs, a position that requires him to serve the nation and cease partisan politics."

    [caption caption="File image of CAS Ababu Namwamba and Labour Party Chairperson Julia Ojiambo"][/caption]

    Matsanza added that Ababu stepped down to fulfill the constitutional mandate.

    In the presence of the party's Chairperson, Julia Ojiambo, Namwamba expressed his gratitude to the members for working with him during his tenure.

    Namwamba commented that the job he had been given was pivotal in marketing the country abroad.

    "I thank the president for my appointment and look forward to having more faces from our party being in government," Ababu was quoted by the Star.

    He further mentioned that he made the best decision to quit Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for LPK.

    "The only regret I have is that I made that decision somehow late, but as the saying goes better late than never," he announced.

    Ababu noted that time for politics was over and that Kenyans should now work hard to develop the nation.

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