NASA's Backup Plan if They Fail to Eject Uhuru as President

  • The National Super Alliance's (NASA) back-up plan in the event they are unable to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta from power has been revealed

    According to reports by the Standard, the coalition, through the People’s Assembly Organizing Committee, has set a roadmap in which part of the plan includes engaging in a power sharing deal with the Jubilee government.

    In this arrangement, NASA will push for the creation of the position of the Prime Minister, which Raila Odinga could fall back on if the August elections do not take place.

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    The newspaper further states that the coalition would put forward a proposal to have a rotational presidential system to guarantee regional balance in the country's top seat.

    To achieve this, Mt Kenya and Rift Valley regions would be barred from fielding candidates for the presidency, effectively shutting out Deputy President William Ruto from taking over from President Kenyatta.

    This, the party explained, would give other communities a chance to lead and promote cohesion in the country.
    The two proposals, among many other on the agenda, will be discussed during a national convention to be held before the end of the month.

    NASA strategist David Ndii disclosed that they would hold the five pending regional assembly meetings across the country ahead of the inaugural convention in Nairobi.

    “The convention will inaugurate the national leadership that will support the People’s President in this most solemn of national duties. We may not necessarily want to call it a Cabinet, but they will be individuals that will guide the running of the assembly,” Dr Ndii told the Standard.

    Odinga announced that the opposition has plans to hold elections in August a week after taking an oath as the People's president.

    In an interview with BBC, he also stated that President Kenyatta was not legitimate, arguing that in the repeat Presidential election on October 26, there was a significantly low voter turn out in most polling stations.

    "We want another election, according to our timetable, by August this year we will have an election," he conveyed.

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