NASA MP tells Raila to Stop Sideshows

  • Matungulu Constituency Member of Parliament (MP), Stephen Mutinda Mule, has criticized Opposition leader Raila Odinga for what he termed as holding the country at ransom.

    The lawmaker warned the NASA leader against sideshows and advised him to look for better solutions to the current political situation.

    Mr Mule, who is affiliated to Wiper, asked Raila to consider dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta and each of them to offer their contribution for the betterment of the country.

    “Sideshows will not help us. If we cannot change the situation, then we need to find a solution to move forward," Mutinda stated.

    He further raised concerns that the Opposition was taking too much time agonizing over the last general election instead of executing its mandate of monitoring the government.

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    "The foot soldiers in Parliament cannot continue walking out when they’re supposed to oversight who is in power," he added alluding to the continued boycott of parliamentary proceedings by NASA legislators.

    In the most recent incident, Opposition MPs walked out of parliament when the Committee on Appointments tabled a report on the vetting of nine Cabinet Secretary nominees who were awaiting parliamentary approval.

    The remarks by the Matungulu MP supported an earlier statement by 11 Ambassadors and High Commissioners who castigated Raila Odinga for swearing-in as the "People's President."

    In his response, Raila singled out United States Ambassador Robert Godec accusing him of being partisan and urged him to let Kenyans deal with their political affairs independently.

    On Friday, NASA followers protested at the US Embassy in Nairobi over the actions of Ambassador Godec where they accused him of favoring Jubilee.

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    In a joint statement against what they referred to as interference in Kenyan affairs, NASA MPs alleged that Ambassador Godec had commercial and political interests and was not interested in democratic governance hence his support for Jubilee.