CS Monica Juma Warns Kenyans Against Travelling to South Sudan

  • The Government on Wednesday warned Kenyans against traveling to some parts of South Sudan citing insecurity in rebel-held areas which have been affected by conflict in the last six months.

    Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Monica Juma issued this advisory barely a day after two pilots who were held in the oil-rich country were released.

    "Kenyan nationals living or traveling to South Sudan to move away from and avoid traveling to areas where armed conflicts and inter-ethnic violence have occurred within the last six months," the CS noted.

    In a statement, CS Juma stated that the advisory applies to parts of the Greater Upper Nile Region specifically Bieh, Akobo, Jonglei, Northern Liech, parts of Maiwut, Eastern Nile, Boma, and Yei River State.

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    She cautioned Kenyans against unnecessary visits to the region since the security situation is risky and their safety cannot be assured.

    "We strongly encourage all those nationals who have not yet registered with the Embassy in Juba to do so immediately, by either visiting the Embassy or through email kembaju@gmail.com," part of the statement read.

    South Sudan has been driven by civil war since 2013. The conflict has displaced a third of the population, shut down most of the oil production and wrecked the economy.

    This advisory comes days after rebels captured Kenyan pilots in the area of Akobo, Great Upper Nile region, near South Sudan’s border with Ethiopia. 

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    The pilots’ plane developed technical problems before crash landing killing a South Sudan national and several heads of cattle.

    The two pilots, who were held by rebels allied to former Vice President, Riek Machar, were released after Sh10.8 Million settlement.

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