Duale's Solution to Teachers Fleeing Wajir After Al-Shabaab Attack

  • National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has strongly opposed the Teachers' Service Commission's (TSC) plan to withdraw teachers from North Eastern region.

    Instead, the MP has called for dialogue between local leaders and the TSC on matters security.

    He further stated that moving teachers from Wajir to their home areas will appear as an act of discrimination against children in that county.

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    Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Wajir branch secretary Noor Bardad, who is against the transfers, on Thursday revealed that more teachers were set to receive letters.

    The TSC started transferring non-local teachers from Wajir County to their home areas earlier this week.

    By the end of Wednesday, the commission had issued letters to 76 teachers who were teaching in areas considered to be dangerous in the county that borders Somalia to the east.

    In recent days, non-local teachers in the border county have borne the brunt of attacks on schools by Al-Shabaab militia from Somalia.

    On February 16, three teachers were killed when the militants attacked Qarsa Primary School.

    15 primary schools are reported to have been affected by the exit of the non-local teachers who comprise over 60 percent of the staff in Wajir County.

    The exit of teachers from the schools in the last three days seems to replicate the 2015 incident where many teachers left various schools in the north-eastern region after an attack on a Mandera bus that left several people dead, most of them non-local teachers.

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