IG Boinnet Responds After Shameful Police Donations Appeal

  • Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has responded to claims that the government launched a donation appeal for Nairobi Central Police Station officers whose houses were burnt during a Friday blaze.

    The appeal was made by the National Disaster Management Unit Deputy Director, Pius Masai, who stated that the donations would complement efforts to resettle the officers that were currently ongoing.

    The IG refuted the appeal by the government disaster unit, stating that funds were available to resettle the affected officers.

    "We cannot be making such an appeal to help our officers, we are in the process of assisting the affected officers," he was quoted by Capital News, disclosing that the appeal was made without proper consultations.

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    According to earlier reports, Masai, set up M-Pesa Till no: 976898 to help get funds to restore more than 44 houses that were destroyed in the fire.

    The request, however, ignited outrage among Kenyans online, with some pointing out that: 

    "You mean the same government that has enough money to introduce an extra Docket in the ministries just to reward allies? Interesting!" one user wrote.

    Another wrote: "I can't donate for policemen because they take bribes daily."

    During the Friday inferno, motorists were forced to use alternative routes, causing a traffic snarl up in and out of the CBD.

    According to witnesses, there were two loud blasts before smoke started billowing from one of the residential houses.

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    Unconfirmed reports indicated that the inferno may have been caused by an electric fault. 

    A similar incident happened last year at the Kasarani Police Station staff quarters where one officer was injured.

    Property worth millions of shillings was also destroyed in the fire incident, bringing into question the quality of houses police live in.

    [caption caption="Some of the reactions to the appeal "][/caption]