4 Robbers Shot Dead in Parklands Area

  • Four suspected thugs were on Wednesday afternoon shot dead in Parklands area.

    Preliminary reports indicate that three guns were recovered at the scene of the shooting.

    According to Gigiri OCPD Vitalis Otieno, police foiled a robbery attempt by the gangsters after a tip-off from members of the public.

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    The men are believed to be part of a gang that preys on people moving into and out of banking halls and ATMs.

    This comes just two weeks after officers attached to the Flying Squad shot and killed seven suspected armed robbers at Kibunja in Molo.

    The Officer Commanding Molo Police Division, Daniel Kamanza, stated that police had been trailing the robbers from Kayole in Nairobi before ambushing them at Kibunja along the Great North Road.

    He added that the armed gangsters were travelling in two vehicles; a Prado and a Fielder when they were waved down by the police.

    “The thugs opened fire at the officers instead of obeying the orders and that is how a shootout occurred,” stated Kamanza.

    Four were gunned down at Kibunja Trading Centre while the other three were felled 50 meters away as they attempted to escape towards Eldoret.

    Police recovered an AK-47 rifle with six rounds of ammunition and three pistols two of which are homemade.

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