Police Beat Up Citizen TV Journalist During Miguna Standoff

  • Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo was on Monday evening clobbered by police at JKIA as he was covering lawyer Miguna Miguna's return to Kenya.

    Miguna was detained at the airport immediately after his arrival and immigration officials barred him from exiting the airport clearance area unless he applied for a temporary visa.

    GSU officers then tried to chase away journalists and in the process, beat up Letoo, who was later rushed to hospital.

    [caption caption="Stephen Letoo"][/caption]

    Several leaders were present at the airport in a bid to secure Miguna's release but to no avail.

    NASA leader Raila Odinga was seen making some phone calls but later left without uttering a word to the press, with a visible grin on his face.

    Siaya Senator James Orengo, who was in the company of businessman Jimmy Wanjigi, however, promised that he would pursue the matter legally as Miguna's detention was against the constitution.

    The Government, on the other hand, refuted claims that Miguna was denied entry into the country.

    According to Mwenda Njoka, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, the lawyer declined to present the passport that he travelled with to immigration authorities.

    "GoK has not denied Miguna Miguna entry into the country. Upon arrival atJKIA he was asked to present the passport he travelled in.

    "He declined. It is a legal requirement & IATA regulation for travellers to show the documents they travelled in at the point of entry," wrote Njoka on Twitter.

    [caption caption="Siaya Senator James Orengo"][/caption]