Chris Msando's Wife Eva Buyu Pleads for a Job

  • Ms Eva Buyu Msando, the widow of former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Manager Chris Msando is said to be searching for a job.

    Speaking during a Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) function, Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o told those in attendance that she is seeking "any job at any organisation" where she will be able to earn a living.

    According to the widow, she is fast getting to a position where she will not manage to pay school fees for her three children.

    Eva further outlined that the IEBC had abandoned their promise to support the family throwing her in the predicament she is in.

    [caption caption="Mrs Msando during the burial of her husband in 2017"][/caption]

    "I don't want to submit myself to another man in order to feed my children. I will appreciate any decent job that will enable me to cater for my family," Ms Buyu allegedly told the Governor.

    Governor Nyong'o shared details of the letter during a Wednesday event he attended in Nairobi where Kenya Human Rights Commission was marking 25 years of operations.

    When asked whether the county government had intentions of offering a position to Mrs Msando, spokesperson Atieno Otieno told that the matter would be handled by Prof. Nyong'o because the correspondence was private.

    Governor Nyong'o confirmed to that he talked about the issue during the conference but failed to give more information about it.

    The government is yet to reveal the outcome of investigations into Msando's murder that rocked the 2017 election season.

    The former ICT manager was found dead at the City Mortuary on July 29, 2018, after being reported missing in what was believed to be an execution that was preceded by torture.

    Government pathologist Johansen Oduor reported that the primary cause of the death was strangulation, noting that the man had incisions on his right arm.

    [caption caption="The Late Chris Msando"][/caption]