Gov Mike Sonko Exposed by CEC

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been exposed by an unnamed County Executive Committee (CEC) member who spoke to The Nation as part of a wide-ranging exposé on the Governor's alleged antics and the unusual workings of his office.

    It was revealed that chaotic scenes are witnessed daily at the Governor's office with Sonko portrayed as having little respect for protocol or procedures and sidelining county officials such as CECs and Chief Officers in favour of his personal confidantes.

    “In the middle of a serious discussion, he may remember that he was to send someone money, picks his phone and starts giving instructions to the person on the other end. You have to wait for him to finish,” stated the CEC on dramatic cabinet meetings chaired by Sonko.

    Another senior official disclosed that the Governor would start drinking Cognac from 10 am during his meetings.

    “What got me worried when I started working for him is the idea of drinking in the office. Yet interestingly, his confidence level increases and the tone changes once he has taken considerable amounts of the drink,” the official is quoted.

    [caption caption="Governor Mike Sonko during a past visit to the CBD"][/caption]

    Sonko reportedly uses Apple juice packages cleverly placed on his desk to camouflage his drinking and is occassionally joined by Members of the County Assembly (MCAs).

    Former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua was mentioned as being a key player in decisions made at City Hall as he is one of Sonko's most trusted allies.

    Personal friends of Sonko's were also said to be ever-present in his office even during meetings.

    “The guy is chaotic by nature, there is no privacy in his office, his confidantes, Shaw (Peterson Kimenye) and Jamal (Otieno Ombok) are all over the place, even when the governor is in a meeting with a guest,” an unnamed member of Sonko's team is quoted.

    The report further claimed that senior employees of the county were under constant surveillance and lived in fear of losing their jobs if Sonko felt they were working for his detractors.

    “Nobody is safe here, you never know when you will be fired, we are being monitored all over, we are under constant surveillance, there are CCTV cameras in our offices, our phones are tapped, there are spies all over us, whether in office or out there in the bar,” a top official is quoted.

    Another official alleged that Sonko was easily distracted and it was difficult to properly explain issues to him without him checking Facebook or Whatsapp on his phone.

    [caption caption="Governor Sonko with former Finance CEC Danvas Makori whom he recently axed"][/caption]