Video of Miguna Miguna Look-alike in Nairobi Stirs Social Media

  • A video showing a look-alike of NRM General Miguna Miguna walking briskly in what is allegedly Hurlingham, Nairobi has stirred up social media.

    The video shows the man rocking Miguna's signature Islamic cap and holding an umbrella in his right hand.

    A stricking resemblance on the two men's demeanour including the towering six-foot-plus physique and the walking style hardly go unnoticed.

    [caption caption="File image of Miguna Miguna at JKIA"][/caption]

    The city clock in the background indicates the time the video was captured as 4:45 PM and a traffic police is seen manning the traffic at a nearby junction.

    As the man walks away oblivious of the camera recording him, a Citi Hoppa bus is prominently captured driving by among other cars in the background which proves the video was taken in Nairobi.

    Most social media users disputed the possibility of the man in the video being the lawyer who was deported to Canada.

    "How so. I refuse to agree that Miguna can come back quietly. Be serious," one user remarked.

    "That's Hurlingham, is he from State House?" Another user posed.

    Another user tried to seek attention of the outspoken lawyer: "Miguna come and find your spiritually in Kenya that has left your enemies uncomfortable here."

    The video equally left other netizens dumb-founded on how Miguna could have possibly found his way back into the country.

    "Are these mind games?" a user expressed her disbelief with another opining that the lawyer probably sneaked in through neighbouring Tanzania.

    "The guy usually passes by Nairobi Hospital, along Argwings Kodhek towards DOD. Looks and dresses like Miguna," one Twitter user tried to shed light.

    Here is the video, we leave you to be the jury.