Nairobi Hawkers, Boda Boda Operators and Matatu Crew to Visit Rwanda for Benchmarking

  • City Hall has announced that 300 small-scale traders will be taken to Rwanda for a benchmarking trip.

    According to sources at the Nairobi County government, the traders are expected to borrow a number of things from the East African nation including how to run their businesses without inconveniencing others.

    Boda boda operators, hawkers and matatu operators will each be represented by 100 people to learn how best they can carry out their daily operations.

    City-county operations Chief Officer Peter Mbaya added that bodaboda operators will have to come up with a self-regulation plan to operate within the CBD.

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    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been trying to improve the face of the city and recently several structures were demolished in Ngara to pave way for construction of new bus termini.

    Matatu operators, however, defended traders whose stalls were demolished saying the move was politically motivated.

    Matatu Transport Vehicles Association secretary-general Wambugu Kanoru claimed the demolition was done to give way for traders backing the current city administration.

    "The ongoing demolition has nothing to do with opening spaces for matatus. Those structures are at the edges of the terminus.

    "The exercise is to reward those who campaigned for the current administration," he remarked last week.

    Kanoru added that the operators should be left to manage the stations as they will not move to areas without sanitation facilities. 

    The termini lack proper lighting hence pose security threats to members of the public.

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