Kenyan Man Arrested in US After Stealing From America's Treasury

  • The United States of America has divulged how one Jeffrey Sila Ndung'u defrauded their government.

    A report published by the Standard reveals that Mr Ndung'u had an ally in Texas, US, who told him that he had identified a person willing to buy one of his (Ndungu's) Treasury Cheques (which he had hacked from the US Treasury,) worth Ksh 7.6 million ($76,000) for Ksh4 million ($40,000). 

    However, Mr Ndung'u did not know that his contact was setting him up and the person who was supposedly going to buy his Treasury Cheque was a US federal agent. 

    It has been disclosed that all along, the US authorities had monitored him for some time and had set up the trap to facilitate his arrest. 

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    Ndung'u was last week sentenced to 10 years in a US jail for defrauding the American government. 

    At the time of his arrest in the US, he had bought a number of possessions in Nairobi including two planes and had leased one to a flying school. 

    It is reported that he bought the two planes together with a Range Rover Sport and an Escalade after hacking Multichoice's DSTV signal and was illegally selling subscriptions in Kenya and Nigeria. 

    A lease agreement signed by a Mr C Kigalo for the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) on November 26, 201,3 shows 5Y CCN is being operated by Nairobi Flight Training Limited.

    However, latest reports indicate that the US government is trying to repossess his property. 

    Sila was first arrested on March 3, 2015, when authorities raided his residence at in South B and was released on a Ksh10,000 bail after Multichoice filed a case against him.

    It is emerging that the 32-year-old was part of an international ring of fraudsters who steal identities of US citizens and use them to defraud the American government.

    So rooted is the vice among Kenyan hackers that the US government has a special unit whose role is to monitor cyber-crime emanating from IP addresses in Kenya.

    In 2015 US President Barack Obama also requested President Uhuru Kenyatta to push for an enactment of a cyber-crime law.

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