Raila Odinga Reveals How He Saved Matiba's Life With a Tissue Paper

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga on Thursday divulged that he saved the late veteran politician Kenneth Matiba's life using a tissue paper. 

    Speaking during the funeral mass of Matiba, Raila disclosed that he saved the former presidential candidate's life when they were both in detention in 1990. 

    The Opposition Chief noted that when Matiba suffered a stroke while at Kamiti Maximum Prison, he was denied medical attention and his health was worsening Raila secretly sent a message to Matiba's wife, Edith, written in a toilet paper. 

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    According to Mr Odinga, the two were locked up in different cells with Matiba, but they were being attended to by the same doctors and also guarded by the same security officers. 

    Odinga narrated that he developed a cordial relationship with a prison warden, whom he whom he called Mwangi, and who would pass messages between them.

    It was during one occasion that Mwangi told Raila that Matiba had fallen ill but for several days the doctors were alleging he was acting out being sick.

    "Mwangi came and told me, ‘Mheshimiwa your friend is sick. These days he is very dull, he is not talking, he just says he is in pain. Doctors have examined him but they are saying he is pretending but they themselves believe he is sick.

    "When I heard this, I used a toilet paper to write to Ida telling her to inform Edith that Ken is sick. That askari, a Kenyan patriot who is now retired, is the one who took that note to Ida and that is how Ida informed Edith that Ken is sick,” Odinga recapped.

    The NASA principal added that when the government knew that Matiba's family had received information of his degrading health condition, they took him to the hospital and registered him for treatment as a Mr Muchiri. 

    "I am saying this because I believe strongly that what caused the stroke in Matiba was preventable. If an action would have been taken early Matiba would not have suffered a stroke,” mentioned Odinga.

    The stroke Matiba suffered after being denied treatment not only affected his life from then but also affected his multi-billion business empire as he could not manage it. 

    Matiba was later awarded Ksh945 million compensation in September 2017 for the damages and violation of his rights by the State.

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