Police Issue Alert on Car Thief With Master Key in Kikuyu, Kiambu [VIDEO]

  • Police are in pursuit of a suspect that was captured on camera using a master key to unlock a car and steal from it.

    In a video shared by philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro, the thief was seen obtaining access into a car and making away with bags and other valuables in broad daylight.

    According to Mr Nyoro, the incident took place in Kikuyu town, Kiambu County, on Tuesday evening and the owner of the car reported to the police.

    "Last evening at about 6 pm, a lady packed her car in Kikuyu town at a street adjacent to Tai'S Chicken to buy a few items for home use. In the car was a laptop, her handbag and other items.

    [caption caption="Image extracted from video footage of a man using a master key to steal from a parked car"][/caption]

    "Unknown to her, somebody had marked her. She had barely reached her destination when the man in a pullover swung to action.

    "Pretending to be receiving a lengthy call, he moved closer to the car ensuring there was no one noticing. He paced back and forth just to ensure he was safe," Nyoro narrated.

    He went on to explain that the owner of the car at some point emerged and failed to notice the thief standing suspiciously next to her car.

    The man goes on to unlock the front door of the car with his master key and unlocks the rear door as well where he grabs the laptop bag.

    "Upon realizing no one had noticed he walked back a few minutes later (with the same laptop bag on his back), opened the back door and took away the handbag and other valuable items.

    "This happened less than 30 minutes after the car had been parked there," Nyoro narrated as he invited members of the public to help identify the suspect.

    Here is the video.