Solai Woman Who Accidentally Shook President Uhuru's Hand Apologies

  • Esther Muthoni has issued an apology to President Uhuru Kenyatta following an incident that saw the Head of State shake her hand during the memorial service for the victims of the Solai Dam tragedy. 

    Speaking for the first time since the incident, Ms Muthoni apologised to the President stating that she breached protocol by passing through a path, she wasn't supposed to. 

    Narrating her encounter, Muthoni noted: "I had arrived late shortly after President Kenyatta and I sat among other members of the Women’s Guild. I knew the President was in attendance, but I didn’t know exactly where he was seated."

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    Being a member of PCEA Women's Guild, she had a seat reserved for her in a strategic position since they played an active role at the service. 

    During the service, members of the Guild were tasked to collect offerings and Muthoni was among them, and like her peers, after collecting the offerings she handed over her basket to the preacher and headed back to her seat.

    "I happened to be the only one using a different path after handing over the offerings. A well-built man stood up and held my right hand. As he led me towards my seat another man held my left hand, making me feel uneasy," she narrated.

    Muthoni further exclaimed that it was at this moment that she looked into the face of the two men only for her to realise that the one on her left was President Uhuru.

    "At first I thought this was just a dream, but when we looked at each other in the eye, I was elated, but fear soon gripped me. I became confused not knowing whether to move on or go back and use a different path," she added.

    As the moment stirred laughter among mourners who noticed her reaction, those on social media circulated her video.

    "Flashbacks of the brief moment I had with the President kept coming throughout the service. I was unable to speak to anyone, including my daughter who was seated next to me, during the service. My conscience told me that I had done a terrible mistake," Muthoni declared.

    She later revealed that since the incidence, she has been receiving a number of calls from her friends as they congratulate her for the moment she had with the President.

    Additionally, she is asking the President to invite her to State House so that she can greet him properly.

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