MPs Explain Why They Have Never Debated in Parliament

  • A number of Members of Parliament (MPs) have come out to defend themselves after a survey revealed the legislators who have not been engaging in debates in the House. 

    Nyamira Woman Representative Jerusha Momanyi, who was listed among those who have never spoken in Parliament, noted that it was too early to gauge lawmakers on the basis of who has spoken or not spoken. 

    According to the MP, they (legislators) have just started their duties to their people and therefore still have time, she added that the people who came up with the report should carry out their research accurately in due time.

    "That malicious report would not affect my performance as a Member of National Assembly, the people of Nyamira know what I have done for them since I was elected, that is the most important thing to me," Ms Momanyi exclaimed.

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    On his part, Kitutu Masaba MP Shadrack Mose declared: " Being a Member of National Assembly for Kitutu Masaba, I believe I am doing what my constituents want me to do as their legislator.  I will not be distracted by sideshows in delivering on my mandate."

    Additionally, he mentioned that as the Members of the House Business Committee he has made several major contributions with the Hansard having all the records wondering whether the authors of the report had checked it.

    Speaking to, Kimilili MP Didymus Barasa dismissed claims that he has not been participating in the House debates.

    "I have spoken more than 30 times. I even brought in an adjournment motion discussing Kimilili killings," the legislator affirmed.

    In his defense, Bomachoge Borabu MP Alpha Miruka, who was also listed among those who never spoke, asserted that he has made contributions to important matters in the National Assembly and that the report would not affect his performance as a Member of the House.

    "My duty as a Member of National Assembly is to represent the interests of the people of Bomachoge Chache which I can proudly say that I have done for the last nine months I have been in Parliament," mentioned the MP.

    Maragua MP, Peter Kamande also told "These are just mere propaganda from whoever released the report. Proper information can be collected from the clerk office via Hansard for the number of times I have contributed in the Assembly despite the challenge of chances to contribute being first timers.

    Mr Kamande further urged the institutions tasked with carrying out surveys to always release correct information.

    On her part, Meru Women Representative Kawira Mwangaza, like her colleagues, rubbished the reports as not comprehensive.

    The report which was published by an online publication revealed that over 49 legislators have never spoken in Parliament since their swearing-in nine months ago.

    The report was allegedly confirmed by the speaker of the National Assembly Justine Muturi who expressed his disappointment with most of the MPs.

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