Only 2 Matatus of Each Sacco to Be Allowed in CBD

  • The Nairobi county government announced major changes that will affect your transport from Monday.

    County Director of Operations Peter Mbaya stated that only two public service vehicles per Sacco will be allowed into the CBD and each matatu will only be given five minutes in the slots allocated to drop and pick up passengers.

    Mbaya further warned matatu operators that whoever will fail to comply will be arrested and charged and the vehicle impounded.

    “We are now implementing the two vehicles per Sacco rule which will take effect on Monday. Over the weekend we will be sensitizing the operators before starting a major crackdown on Monday. Today we are not making any arrests. From Monday those who defy will be arrested,” Mbaya stated.

    [caption caption="Matatus in the CBD"][/caption]

    “The directive has already started and we are working to ensure there is sustainable implementation,” he added.

    The County Director of Operations further maintained that matatu Saccos will have to look for their own holding spaces since the county is assigned with providing picking and dropping off points.

    Speaking to, Director of the Governor's Press Elkana Jacob maintained that Saccos had complied with the directive.

    "Some Saccos have agreed with the new rules and they have implemented them. I am on the ground and the order is being enforced," Jacob stated.

    Notably, the county's inspectorate was directed to implement the new directive and keep matatu operators in check since most of them are known to defying rules. 

    From Monday, people plying from Thika, Limuru and Kiambu roads will be stopping at Murang’a Road A and B, Ngara and Desai stages.

    Those coming from Langata, Ngong and Mombasa roads will only go as far as Railways Bus Station while those from Jogoo Road will end their journey at Muthurwa.

    [caption caption="A bus terminus"][/caption]

    Commuters from Waiyaki Way will now be alighting at the Westlands stage.

    In April, the county demolished all illegal structures in various bus termini to pave way for the ban of the matatus in the CBD.