KFCB Report Shows Local Programmes Top List of Favorite TV Content

A survey aimed at establishing the public's opinion on KFCB's mandate and content classification function has shown that the two most preferred programmes on Kenyan TV are Machachari (Citizen TV) and the Churchill Show (NTV).

The report further divulged that local programming tops the list of Kenya’s favorite programmes on TV at 64 percent. News came in second at 20 percent followed by soap operas at 12 percent, Games/sports and cartoons at three and one percent respectively.

As far as content regulation is concerned, 15 percent of the surveyed parents said that they do not advise their children on what to watch on TV or listen to on radio, which means that a lot of children still remain vulnerable.

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KFCB CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua, however, noted that he was doing everything within his power to ensure children are protected.

"We regulate content at the creation, broadcast, possession, distribution and exhibition stages. KFCB is the custodian of Kenya’s moral compass at a time when we are continually bombarded by vicious content that reaches vulnerable children.

"From the survey, it is gratifying that 81% of Kenyans view regulation as a good practice. Indeed, regulation is a universal practice that guards every sector against compromise, illegal practitioners, and ensures the highest standards of professionalism are adhered to," he remarked.

Mutua added: "Indeed, children are our primary priority. According to the survey, emerging media is the leading concern in the promotion of vicious content with social network sites and the internet hitting forty point two percent (40.2%)."

The survey covered the different age groups starting from 18 years, who make up the largest percentage of online users and the findings will enable KFCB to make classification decisions that are based on standards of tolerance to encourage better use of classification decisions.

Additionally, it was discovered that most broadcast stations had already complied with the regulations and often put disclaimers before programmes went on air.

KFCB has often been criticised for banning various local movies, the most recent being Rafiki, which was said to have homosexual scenes.

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