Asbel Kiprop Gives Up Fight to Prove Innocence in Doping Scandal

Celebrated Kenyan runner Asbel Kiprop has quit trying to prove his innocence in the doping scandal that tainted his career.

Through a Facebook post, the 1500m gold medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics seemingly drew the curtains on his illustrious career admitting that he lacks the financial muscle to match his accusers.

"Greetings Ladies & gentlemen, I'm writing to appreciate everyone for their concerns in my case. Those who are accusing me and my legal team.

"...I do not have money to meet legal fees and find qualified physicians who meet standards to give their opinion on my sample and discredit any possible unjust reason to why the sample resulted to analytical rEPO finding.

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"I'm financially weak to challenge my accuser the IAAF whom I have always worked hard for to bring the best in me for the sport and myself.

"However I'm rich in TRUTH and sincerity, this seems to mean nothing," he wrote.

The athlete further stated that he had given up on the struggle to prove his innocence not because he doped but because he supports the anti-doping campaign.

"I have let the struggle to prove my innocence go. Not because I doped but I take the sacrifice because I support the anti-doping campaign. Thank me later.

"Furthermore and for the reason that I have medals in my home that now seem to mean nothing; I'm convinced to challenge time and proof human ability beyond negativity. 

"I will remain loyal to authorities as my religion commands and I will INSPIRE," he concluded.

In May, Kiprop disclosed that he was asked to admit that he doped so that he would be made an IAAF ambassador on anti-doping.

In a statement seen by, the celebrated multiple gold medalist maintained that the doping allegations were false.

"I have noted the main media reports alleging that I have doped. I have also noted social media comments on the allegation.

"I vehemently deny any doping. I have remained faithful to my anti-doping convictions and I will be the last person to commit such an atrocious un-sports like thing," he remarked.

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