Mutura Targeted in New Nyeri County Finance Bill

  • The Nyeri County government is in the process of preparing a Finance Bill proposing new tariffs to increase revenue on butchers who sell mutura which will consequently affect consumers.

    Mutura which is being targeted in the new bill is a popular Kenyan sausage that is usually made with meat and blood, flavoured with spices and cooked and then stuffed into the intestines of a cow, making a sausage.

    Robert Thuo, who is the Finance and Economic Planning Executive, stated they would close loopholes identified in the previous finance laws as the county steps up efforts to meet the Ksh1 Billion target in locally generated revenue.

    If the proposed levies are passed, traders will most likely pass on the costs to their customers by raising the prices of traditional delicacies such as mutura and soup, forcing consumers to pay more.

    [caption caption="Mutura"][/caption]

    “We have identified new areas to impose fees, and also scrapped tariffs to offer incentives in sectors such as agriculture in line with national and county policies to support farmers,” Thuo remarked.

    “We have noticed an increase in the number of traders setting up open stoves on the streets to sell meat. This poses a danger to public health and should be regulated to protect the public,” Thuo stated. 

    The proposals by the Executive is the introduction of a Ksh8,000 licence fee for butchers who sell take-way meals such as roasted meat or soup in urban areas, while those operating in rural areas will be charged Ksh5,000.

    Churches were also targeted in the new bill which directed they pay taxes for holding crusades in towns and rural places.

    “The reason is to introduce orderliness in the manner crusades are conducted and also reduce noise pollution,” the Finance and Economic Planning Executive stated.

    Bar licences will be reduced from ksh35,000 to Ksh25,000 for those operating major towns, while those in rural areas will pay Ksh11,000 instead of Ksh1,000 less. 

    [caption caption="Nyeri governor Mutahi Kahiga"][/caption]

    Others targeted in the bill are wines and spirits sellers, Nightclub owners, alcohol manufacturing plants and the hospitality industry.