Amina Mohamed's Directive That Will See KCSE "E" Enroll Into University

  • Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has revealed that students who scored grade E in KCSE can now join Universities going forward.

    The CS communicated the move through a gazette notice that will allow the learners who scored low grades start with an artisan certificate that will be covered in six months.

    The artisan certificate will account for a minimum of 60 credits and will allow the student to progress to the next level including degrees and up to doctorate level.

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    The new guidelines from the ministry indicate that learners will take longer than usual to acquire their degree depending on their willingness, ability and interest.

    "The University will be in a position to assess a diploma student and determine at what level he or she can start his undergraduate studies but subject to our approval," Nation quoted the Kenyan National Qualifications Authority chairman Prof Bonaventure Kerre.

    Higher learning institutions will, however, have the privilege to determine the level at which diploma holders will join universities with the minimum requirement for direct admission remaining at a minimum C- grade in KCSE.

    Different universities have had diploma holders used to join degree courses at first year, others in the second or third year.

    Enrolling directly into a degree program will require a C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (KCSE).

    Students undertaking their doctorate will require a master’s degree and will take three years with a minimum of 360 credits.

    A master's degree will take two years and the learner has to attain a minimum of 240 credits while craft certificate course will require a minimum of D (plain) in KCSE, one year of study and earning a minimum of 120 credits.

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    In a move aimed at getting rid of fake academic certificates, the authority will also have a data bank of graduate details in the country and employers will have access to the information in a move.