Ahmednasir Backs Uhuru's Lifestyle Audit Initiative

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on Friday supported President Uhuru Kenyatta's directive that all government officials should undergo a lifestyle audit by suggesting that even prominent Kenyans in the private sector should do the same.

The Senior Counsel further stated that the 'original Uhuru is back' and although he has his flaws, Kenyans should give him full support this time.

"This is the Uhuru Kenyatta we voted for in 2013...kidogo he disappointed in his first term. We voted him back in 2017.

"Now the original Uhuru is back. Kenyans MUST support him 100%. Lifestyle audit should start today in a structured & transparent way.

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He added: "Zero harm even in prominent Kenyans in the private sector... lawyers, doctors, bloggers, accountants subjecting themselves to a lifestyle audit to explain the source of their wealth.

"What is difficult in explaining how one bought a car, a house, a hotel etc?"

President Kenyatta on Thursday announced that all government officials, including Deputy President William Ruto and himself, would undergo lifestyle audits as part of the renewed fight against corruption.

Speaking in Mombasa where he launched Phase One of the Dongo Kundu bypass, Uhuru reiterated his commitment to seeing graft eradicated in the country.

He declared that he would be the first to undergo a lifestyle audit followed by Ruto and all other government officials would then follow suit.

"We will conduct a lifestyle audit for all public servants beginning with myself as a step towards fighting corruption," a tweet shared by the Office of the President read shortly after he made the remarks.

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