Murkomen Fears Uhuru Will Expose Politicians' Lifestyles

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Friday stated that he is afraid of the lifestyle audit that President Uhuru Kenyatta proposed because it will expose the secret lives of politicians.

In a seemingly sarcastic post aimed at leaders who often portray themselves as super rich, Murkomen noted that they may lose the respect they command since some are poor.

"I have only one problem with lifestyle audit. It will expose some of us who are enjoying the perceived status of rich men.

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"We will “lose” our helicopters, high rise buildings, NYS tenders etc. There is nothing a Kenyan voter hates than a poor politician.

"Just let us fake it till we get it," he wrote on his official Twitter page.

President Kenyatta on Thursday announced that the government will conduct a lifestyle audit of all public officers.

The Head of State noted that all public servants, including himself and Deputy President William Ruto, will be asked to explain the source of their wealth and all those found to have plundered public coffers will be put to task to explain the source of their wealth.

“Those found culpable will be taken to where they belong - in prison," he remarked.

The President made the announcement during the official opening of the Dongo Kundu bypass in Mombasa on Thursday.

He added that public servants hiding behind the names of their wives and children will also be smoked out in the audit.

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