Kitchen Knife Used in Most Killings in Nairobi County

  • Recent reports have unearthed a disturbing trend where a number of crimes in Nairobi are committed using a common kitchen utensil - the kitchen knife.

    Police records show that the highest number of killings are committed with knives in some Nairobi estates; Kariobangi roundabout, Eastleigh, Kayole, Kawangware and Dandora.

    Gangs made up of young men mostly in their 20s terrorize city dwellers using the knife as the preferred weapon.

    [caption caption="Gangs attacking a resident in Nairobi"][/caption]

    Confirming the reports, National Police Service (NPS) Communications and Corporate Affairs chief Charles Owino stated that knife attacks were difficult to predict.

    “It is not easy to prevent such crimes. Every home has a knife. It is not illegal to possess one and so police can do very little to help Kenyans prevent the attacks.

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    “The police can only act when a person is threatened. If you kill a person or cause bodily harm, you will be arrested and taken through the criminal justice system," he explained.

    Statistics indicate that 320 deaths from stabbings have been documented since January 2018, with hundreds more nursing injuries from knife attacks.

    Neighbourhoods like Karen which is considered one of the safest places in Nairobi have had incidences where a gang of criminals who mostly use knives terrorise pedestrians and rob them of their valuables.

    Other who have succumbed to knife attacks are university students Kelvin Ikatwa and Cynthia Chelagat, rugby player Mike Okombe, Administration Police officer David Musumba Wesonga, businessman Samuel Mwaniki Njenga, Viola Owour, Beatrice Muthoni, Esther Nduku and Fared Mohammed.

    The most recent scenario was recorded in Muhoroni where a housemaidMs Jacky Auma stabbed and killed the employer and her child.

    [caption caption="Photo of a man who sustained stab wounds in Karen"][/caption]