Police Expose Details of Feared Criminal in Nairobi CBD

  • The Police on Wednesday disclosed the details of a criminal within the Central Business District (CBD) whose revelation had earlier sparked fear and concern on social media.

    Through its Twitter account, the police confirmed they had received the case about the loose criminal accused of brutally attacking victims and further disclosed that he had similar charges pending in court. 

    "We are in receipt of the case posted and are following up with OCS Central. The man in question has been charged in court three times with similar offenses, the cases are pending before the court," the Police stated.

    This is after the man identified as Felix was exposed on social media as a dangerous criminal within the City who is known for his ruthlessness.

    A netizen named Karani Mutonga claimed that Felix who operates as a tout for Unique Shuttle at Tea Room is dangerous and operates with impunity.

    He went ahead to post a picture of a man he had allegedly beaten thoroughly and left for the dead.

    Mutonga also added that the assaulted young man is battling for his life at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where he had been admitted. 

    The Police also affirmed that they had contacted Karani for more information regarding the suspect.

    [caption caption="Felix ( in white cap)"][/caption]
    [caption caption="Felix( in white cap)"][/caption]

    This statement elicited various reactions from netizens with the majority of users pointing fingers at the police for letting loose a suspect who has several assault charges pending in court.

    Another lot welcomed this action indicating that it would be a reprieve for the young man who was allegedly assaulted by the rogue criminal.

    "Please reign in on police offices who are not responsible. What do you mean by there are 3 cases and he is Scot free? He should be behind bars. Will he only be jailed when he commits murder? OCS central should be transferred to our post immediately," one user noted.