President Trump's PAC-DBIA in Kenya for Fact-Finding Mission

  • Details have emerged of the high profile mission that US President Donald Trump's advisors have embarked on in Kenya.

    The President's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA) are on a fact-finding mission in the county for trade engagements till Friday June 30.

    The 60-member delegation in the country is led by Gilbert Kaplan who is the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade in the United States Department of Commerce.

    According to the Council's website, the visit provides an opportunity for the delegation to gather insight into market opportunities and challenges faced by U.S. businesses in Kenya.

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stated that the council will use the information to provide President Trump with reliable and actionable recommendations to deepen commercial relationships in these countries.

    [caption caption="The countries that the PACDBIA trip to Africa will be visiting"][/caption]

    “President Trump and I firmly believe that American companies, working in conjunction with the African business community, will help African countries develop and, ultimately, take their rightful place within the international economic system.

    "U.S. companies can supply both cutting-edge technology and superior know-how regarding corporate governance and project management to emerging markets across Africa” Secretary Ross stated.

    During a prior visit in November 2017, the PAC-DBIA made three recommendations to the president, 1) Enhanced bilateral trade engagement 2) USTDA Global Procurement Initiative (GPI) program 3) Regional U.S.-Africa skills development pilot program.

    The delegation comprised of PAC-DBIA representatives from the following companies: Acrow Bridge, Amethyst Technologies, APR Energy, Bechtel, Black Rhino, Caterpillar, Citi, Computer Frontiers, Inc., Dow Chemical Company, DSC Dredge, GE, IBM,Insta-Pro International, Kosmos Energy, Shea Yeleen, Synnove Energy, UPS, Varian Medical Systems, Vermeer, Visa, Inc. and Weber Shandwick.

    Kenya Airways on Wednesday held a luncheon for Kaplan for discussions ahead of direct flights to the United States.

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