UK Jails Kenyan Woman Ann O’Brien for Running Brothels

A Kenyan woman who ran two brothels and enslaved a Romanian woman was jailed for 10 years in the UK.

According to reports, Ann O’Brien, 44, and husband Martin Carroll, 47, were accused of running a commercial sex work ring to fund their lavish lifestyle.

O’Brien initially opened her first escort agency with only three girls in 1997 after leaving Kenya and heading to Ireland where she married her first husband Patrick O’Brien.

She was born Hannah Wambui Muya at Mt Kenya’s Kahurura forest where her parents were squatters before changing her name to Ann Wambui Muya.

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Ann attended Kahurura Primary School until Standard Six when she was transferred to Nakuru after her parents separated, and her mother moved to Nakuru.

Eventually, she ended up managing 40 commercial sex workers in the UK and ran two websites dubbed ‘brothels on wheels’ which sent girls to homes and hotel rooms.

In 2005, O’Brien was convicted of three counts of controlling prostitution but released and ordered to pay back Ksh80 million of her fortune.

After her release, she started her business again with her husband, Martin Carroll and sister, Elizabeth Muya running a 24-hour service with three shifts for her many clients.

She was convicted of charges on Tuesday which included conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, facilitating travel of another person with a view to exploitation.

Her sister, Elizabeth Muya and her husband Martin Carroll assisted the woman in running her prostitution network.

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Muya was jailed for 21 months while Carroll, received a suspended sentence.

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