DP William Ruto's NTV Interview Sparks Online Debates

  • Twitter was abuzz on Monday following a Sunday night interview deputy president William Ruto took with NTV news anchor Mark Masai.

    Netizens were outraged by a number of responses the DP gave to questions over graft, his 2022 presidency ambitions and infrastructural developments such as the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

    Mark Masai also received a fair share of hate from viewers who claimed that he had been too lenient on DP Ruto.

    Here are a few of the comments shared.

    During the interview, Masai was overpowered by the DP when the journalist attempted to get Ruto to disclose the source of his wealth.

    "Mark can you truthfully say that William Ruto is a rich man in this country? Richer than the people that we all know?" the DP posed after interrupting the journalist.

    The journalist went on to ask the DP to categorise himself as either a poor man or a wealthy man to which Ruto responded: "I wouldn't say that I'm a poor man."

    He added: "I wouldn't say that I am in the class of people that Kenyans would be interested to know what they own. There are people in this country who own things in this country, I am not in that class."

    The DP's curt responses also sparked hilarious comments from those who viewed the interview.

    Here are some more comments that were shared.