ODM Responds to Jubilee After DP William Ruto's Interview on NTV

  • The Jubilee Party assertion that they are the largest political outfit in the country has attracted mockery from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) inner circles.

    The ODM communications team has released a statement hitting out at Jubilee for the claims that emerged from the Sunday, June 8, interview by DP Ruto on NTV.

    Jubilee party was keeping tabs with the interview and responded to the moderator Mark Masai, accusing him and other media houses of consistently seeking to humiliate the party.

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    “As we stand Jubilee Party is the biggest party in the Republic and our candidate for 2022 is William Samoei Ruto (no other member has declared interest) despite NTV's best efforts to humiliate him on live TV,” read a statement by Jubilee party.

    The deputy president during the interview conducted at his Karen home had faulted and dismissed media houses of unfairness in reporting that a crisis and rifts exist within the party.

    “Jubilee stands for all Kenyans; it's not built on quicksand. There is no crisis. If anything, we are getting stronger...We came together to cool political temperatures. We are working as one to build an indivisible country that will benefit posterity.” the DP affirmed.

    The sentiments did not go well with ODM party who in a tweet sent out on Monday morning stated:

    “We have seen a party tweet that they are the biggest in Kenya. How do you call yourself the 'biggest party' when you even don't have structures and branch offices leave alone the National office. You pay your staff like casuals. It is a mockery to the NAME, Political Party.” 

    On noticing this had been spotted by Kenyans.co.ke, ODM deleted the tweet.

    ODM had toned down its criticisms on the Jubilee party since the March handshake between President Kenyatta and its party leader Raila Odinga.

    In what is anticipated to turn out as another supremacy battle, Jubilee and ODM are expected to strike a balance on how they would share Sh3 Billion.

    The funds are to be set aside for Jubilee and ODM through the National Assembly as provided for in the Political Parties Act.

    ODM is reportedly appealing to Jubilee, who have a majority of elected leaders, to leave out votes cast for President Uhuru Kenyatta in the elections they boycotted.

    The total votes cast for all the parties' elected leaders are supposed to be used in settling on the amount each of the parties will get.

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