Government to Investigate SGR Employee Mistreatment Claims

  • The government has responded to an expose that highlighted how a Chinese firm tasked to manage the Standard Guage Railway (SGR) has been mistreating its Kenyan employees. 

    In a statement issued by Government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe, the government assured the public that extensive investigations will be carried out on the reports. 

    "We wish to assure the public that all the allegations will be judiciously investigated and action taken in the best interest of the citizen of Kenya, " read the statement in part. 

    [caption caption="Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe during a government presser"][/caption]

    However, the government was haste to dispel some of the claims being circulated by media houses. 

    "Whereas the government is at hand to protect the individual rights and dignity of every Kenyan citizen, inward-looking, 'haki yetu centered personalities,' have no place in this kind of profession either now or in future," Kiraithe mentioned. 

    He called on citizens to appreciate that the operations of a modern train infrastructural system like Madaraka Express. 

    Kiraithe also noted that the employees currently working at the railway are the "first crop of Kenyans employes on the project,' hence their culture will determine whether the Chines will still be managing the SGR ten years from now. 

    "It will be very unfortunate that after the agreed period we will continue relying on expatriates," he added. 

    Additionally, the government acknowledged that every organisation has challenges asserting that the challenges get more complicated when multi-racial or multinational settings are involved. 

    On SGR trains accused of killing wild animals, the government commented: "The government is satisfied with the plans in progress so far to protect our national heritage. 

    "The facts are that we are losing many more wildlife on our roads," Kiraither concluded. 

    Here is the statement: