Details of the Ongoing Secret Lifestyle Audit

  • Details have emerged of how President Uhuru Kenyatta's lifestyle audit directive is being carried out. 

    A report done by the Standard reveals that the directive has since adopted a secretive strategy that will see close to 1,000 public officers undergo the process. 

    The individuals who have already gone through the grilling exercise divulge details of the covert operation. 

    In what seems to be random summons, as there are no specific times, one is reported to be called and asked to report to a specific place armed only with his or her national card. 

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta giving a press briefing at State House "][/caption]

    After arriving at the designated place, the individual is then ordered to board a waiting car, which then takes them to a private residence for grilling. 

    The multi-agency team tasked with the job is mentioned to be operating from several highly secured houses in different posh estates. 

    The officers further disclosed that the houses where the operations are carried out from appear not to be inhabited but are well-maintained. 

    Another individual who has been interrogated told the Standard, "You are asked to give a brief introduction and your background before being taken through the main interview. The stage involves being asked to state what you own and how you acquired it. You are also asked to declare what your close family members own on your behalf."

    Additionally, it is said that if someone gives information that has discrepancies during the first interrogation process from what is contained in their file, the individual is taken to a different house where he or she is put through a polygraph test. 

    After the whole process is done, a Multi-Agency Task Team headed by Attorney General Paul Kihara brings together several other investigative agencies that have been collecting information on the top government officers. 

    The team, which comprises if the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Director of Criminal Investigations, Anti-Money Laundering Unit, the Asset Recovery Agency, Banking Fraud Investigation unit, Financial Reporting Centre, Kenya Revenue Authority, Cyber-Crime Unit and Anti-Counterfeit Agency meets every Tuesday. 

    The team then directly reports back to President Uhuru to brief him on the progress of the lifestyle audit.

    The multi-agency team has reportedly received the polygraph machines from one of the security agencies involved in covert operations.

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