3 Nairobi Estates With the Most Unsafe Buildings

  • A survey released on Thursday by Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) shows that there is a large number of unsafe buildings that might turn disastrous.

    AAK president Emma Miloyo noted that there are approximately 860 unsafe buildings in Nairobi.

    Miloyo noted that most of these buildings are in Nairobi's Pipeline, Huruma and Mathare Slum areas.

    [caption caption="Huruma Estate"][/caption]

    Reports showed that most of the buildings have neither approvals nor designs.

    The association further indicated that rogue developers are to blame for the tragedies that happen when buildings collapse.

    ‘There are a lot of quack architects and rogues developers out here taking advantage of the deficit in housing to establish structures that are dangerous to tenants,” Miloyo noted

    She added that desperation is forcing many families to rent cheap houses not considering their safety.

    The association president noted that for 600 constructions going on in Nairobi every day, there are only 15 inspectorate officers tasked with supervision of the buildings.

    “It is evident that such manpower cannot be efficient in effectively implementing the inspection work,” she added

    The group asked the National Construction Authority (NCA) to partner with the relevant stakeholders to ensure safety and quality of the structures.

    Statistics have it that 20 buildings have collapsed in the last 20 years with most of them located in Nairobi.

    [caption caption="A collapsed building in Mathare"][/caption]