Why David Ndii Wants Government Officials to Enroll For His Lectures

  • Economist and former NASA strategist David Ndii on Sunday opined that going forward, government officials should enrol for his lectures if they wish to benefit the country and the electorate.

    Ndii indicated that netizens often nag him to take up a government job and join hands in offering technical expertise that would be useful in transforming the country and averting some economic disasters.

    "I am every day being hounded on this timeline (Twitter) that because my economic predictions have come to pass, I have an obligation to advise or work with the government," Ndii revealed.

    [caption caption="Renown Economist David Ndii"][/caption]

    "They (government officials) too can attend my lectures and read my papers. These calls are a surreptitious evasion of political responsibility, and attempt to give the Executive a free pass for dereliction of duty," the economist added.

    According to Ndii, the vocation of academics/intellectuals is to generate and impart knowledge and one should have no apologies for being so.

    "Years ago I sat for lunch with Amartya Sen at my college and someone remarked that he should advise the World Bank.

    "He retorted pithily that they were welcome to read his papers and attend his lectures," Ndii quipped.

    Ndii has never shied from criticizing the government whenever he thinks its expenditure does not meet the prudence threshold.

    For instance, Ndii was critical of the Standard Guage Railway (SGR) funded by the Chinese, although it is considered to be one of Jubilee's legacy projects.

    [caption caption="Kenyan crew serving in the SGR project"][/caption]

    Besides, the vocal economist has previously raised alarm over the bloating public debt, especially to China, which he cautions may soon be unmanageable.