Governor Mike Sonko Dismisses 'PR Stunt' Reports After Pumwani Hospital Shock

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Wednesday evening dismissed criticism that his recent actions in the city were mere publicity stunts, asserting that he did not need any political mileage.

    Speaking during an interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV, Sonko explained that his move to storm Pumwani Hospital where he found 12 dead bodies of infants wrapped in polythene bags and stuffed in boxes was a response to the cries of the public.

    "Jeff this is not a PR stunt, I’m not seeking for any political mileage; I’m the governor of Nairobi, there is no one who is challenging me," he stated.

    Sonko also made a personal donation of cooler boxes to the hospital to be set up at a temporary mortuary facility at the maternity hospital.

    "The negligence at Pumwani hospital has been rampant for many years. Mothers who voted for Sonko as governor had a lot of hope in me; they knew I would transform the health sector," he told Jeff.

    A section of social media users, however, accused Sonko of exposing Nairobi's problems rather than fixing them.

    The Governor further maintained that he was still determined to deal with corruption cartels in the county, reiterating that graft was the biggest barrier to sustainable development.

    "I really value my people and I do not entertain nonsense. Corruption is the main factor hindering development; I will not entertain corruption and cartels in my leadership.

    "People have to understand me; that is my leadership style Jeff, I do not entertain nonsense; I deal with cartels ruthlessly," he noted.

    In light of the impeachment of County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi that was reversed by the High Court, Sonko stated that MCAs would be "very wrong to impeach him".

    The Governor has previously claimed that he was targeted for removal over his stance on entrenched cartels.

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